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Majuli in Assam

The star attraction of Assam is Majuli, a beautiful river island in the Brahmaputra River. The island holds an area of around 421.65 square kilometers (163 sq mi). The place offers a great blend of culture and history which allures people from all across the globe. Majuli is located at a distance of around 20 km from Jorhat town. The island of Majuli is accessible via ferries taken from Jorhat.

Earlier, the island of Majuli was a long piece of land known as ‘Majoli’, which meant the land in the middle of two parallel rivers. The island has River Brahmaputra flowing in its North and River Burhidihing flowing in its South.

The island of Majuli is well known as the cultural capital of Assam. Also, the place has held Assamese civilization for more than 500 years. Majuli preserves antique items from the ancient civilizations, such as weapons, jewelry, and utensils in the Satras.

Majuli is also very popular for its pottery. Beaten clay is burnt in ovens, fired with driftwood, and used for pottery. The art matches the techniques from the ancient Harappa Civilization. The best time to visit Majuli is during the winter season, when the weather remains cool and pleasant. You can explore the breathtaking beauty of Majuli with our well-curated Majuli tour packages. These packages are customizable and you can modify the itinerary according to your requirements. Contact us for more information and book a tour with us!

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