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Chenab Lake Auli

Chenab is one of those places you cannot miss when visiting Auli. It is a small crystalline lake that serves as a reservoir for the people of this region. Many people do not know about this lake, which makes it a less explored location. This also means it is unspoiled by tourism you can visit to enjoy the peaceful environment.

How to reach Chenab Lake

The area around Chenab Lake is also untouched and less visited, therefore you will not find many well-built roads. Thus, you have to trek. Also, you cannot ride any motorcycle or other vehicle on this track. The last spot connected by motorable road is Vishnuprayag, approx. 10 km from Joshimath. You can reach Joshimath by air, road, or rail, and from there, visit Chenab Lake.

The trek has some rocky and rough paths but the end location is worth the experience. Cross the twigs and plants amidst the Garhwal Himalayan range and treat your eyes to the crystal clear waters of the Chenab Lake that reflects the mighty peaks.

Best time to visit Chenab Lake

May to October is the best time to visit Chenab Lake. During the summer season, the weather remains pleasant and warm and you can enjoy the stunning views of the mountains.

In winters, the track for the trek gets covered with thick snow, making it hard for you to trek. Thus, it is recommended to embark on the exploration of Chenab Lake in the summers.