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    Bibi ka Maqbara in Aurangabad

    Bibi Ka Maqbara, a memorial, is remarkably similar to the Taj Mahal, another reminder of love and its source of inspiration. Although it may be a copy of the Taj, the mausoleum stands proudly as a manifestation of a son's devotion to his mother and evokes its rambling associations. The Bibi Ka Maqbara, also known as the Tomb of the Lady, was created by Ataullah, the son of Ahmad Lahauri, the Taj Mahal's architect, which explains why it bears so many similarities to the famous structure. Both mausoleums are outstanding examples of love, remembrance, and loss. They are related to one another in numerous ways, but they are geographically, temporally, and temporally separated by distance.

    While the second memorial, Bibi Ka Maqbara, is devoted to his wife, the first memorial, the Taj Mahal, is owned by Aurangzeb's mother. Both graves immortalize these ladies in history while referring to the tyrannical yet final and significant Mughal ruler.

    History of Bibi ka Maqbara

    Between 1651 and 1661 AD, Prince Azam Shah commissioned this mausoleum in the memory of his mother, Rabia-ul-Daurani (wife of the great ruler Aurangzeb). Due to its heavy resemblance with the Taj Mahal (the Seventh Wonder of the World), Bibi Ka Maqbara is also addressed as the "Taj of Deccan" or "Dakkhani Taj." It was built to take over the Taj Mahal's fame, but it couldn't. So today, it is protected by the Archeological Survey of India. Bibi ka Maqbara is a prime attraction in Aurangabad.

    Biwi ka Maqbara was built between 1651 and 1661 C.E. Its marbles were imported from mines near Jaipur. All the marbles were adjusted in three hundred carts, which 12 oxen pulled from Surat to Golconda.

    Architecture of Bibi ka Maqbara

    Due to rigorous devotion to the limited budget allotted for building, the mausoleum could only produce a laborious emulation of the Taj Mahal, which was intended to be more magnificent than the tomb itself. A stream passing by the buildings the Mughal architects built with a garden in the shape of a charbagh was significant to them. And Bibi ka Maqbara is no exception. Once, it was possible to view the river Kham running behind the tomb. The Maqbara also contains a garden in the Charbagh style, which is attractively situated in the middle and has buildings in all four directions. The 12-door Baradari is to the north, the main entrance is to the south, a mosque is to the west, and Aina Khana is to the east.

    Panels of the Maqbara's white dome are decorated with exquisite floral patterns. Four minarets are located on the corners of the maqbara, and there are stairs leading to the tomb on three sides. On both sides of the paths, trees are used as decorations. A water pool, octagonal-shaped cisterns, 61 fountains, and 488 feet long by 96 feet vast reservoirs make up the pathway's center.

    Bibi Ka Maqbara Timings

    Bibi Ka Maqbara timings are 8 am to 8 pm.

    Bibi Ka Maqbara Address

    You can visit Bibi Ka Maqbara at Begumpura, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, 431004. It is located approximately 3 km from the city center.

    Bibi Ka Maqbara Opening Days

    Bibi Ka Maqbara is open on all days of the week between 8 in the morning and 8 in the evening, which are the visiting hours for the tomb.

    How to Reach Bibi Ka Maqbara

    Aurangabad, located in Maharashtra and easily reachable from Mumbai, is a well-known tourist destination that draws visitors all year round to its numerous sites. It is roughly 333 kilometers from Mumbai and can be accessed by car in 7 hours by taking the NH160 Nagpur-Aurangabad route. In addition, the Parivar bus is operated by the Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) every day between Mumbai and Aurangabad. A typical flight from Mumbai to Aurangabad will take about one hour and ten minutes to travel the distance. Currently, the route is serviced by Air India and Jet Airways.

    Places to see near Bibi Ka Maqbara

    A popular tourist destination, Aurangabad is filled with important historical sites and outstanding examples of architecture. There are many tourist sites in Aurangabad, including forts, gates, lakes, and temples. To ensure you can see these attractions, make reservations in advance. When planning a trip to the city, you should include:

    • Ajanta and Ellora Caves
    • Daulatabad Fort
    • Tomb of Aurangzeb
    • Aurangabad Caves
    • Panchakki 
    • Jama Masjid 

    Hotels near Bibi Ka Maqbara

    There is an array of hotels in Aurangabad, ranging from budget to star-rated properties. A few options near Bibi Ka Maqbara are Meadows Resort and Spa, Hotel Green Olive, Vivanta by Taj Aurangabad, and Ambassador Ajanata.

    If you are planning to visit Bibi ka Maqbara, then you must check out our Aurangabad Tour Package.


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