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Tourist Attractions in Badami

There are many tourist attractions in Badami, lying at about 500 km from Bangalore. A tour to Badami can make it easier for you to understand the glory of Karnataka better. Badami is also known as Vatapi and is the center of ancient Chalukyan glory. Badami has a cave temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu which is the largest in India. The reservoir in front of the cave temples is also dotted with temples dedicated to Vishnu and Shiva. The lake beneath the cave temples is named after the Bhutanath temples in Badami.

Places to Visit in Badami

1. Cave Temples

Badami Cave Temples are total 4 in number, carved out of a hill opposite Badami fort. Of the four, three are Brahmanical, while the fourth is Jain.These cave temples are just adjacent to the Bhutanatha tank where Nagamma, Siva & Vishnu shrines can also be seen.

2. Badami Fort

It is perched on top of a hill lying at about 2 km. from the town. The fort houses a carved temple raised on top of the northern end of the hill.

3. Malegitti Shivalaya

It is one of the oldest temples in the region dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is constructed out of stone on a summit of a rocky hill.

4. Naganath Temple

Naganath Temple is one of the ancient Chalukyan temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple lies amidst the green forest on the way to Mahakuta about 10-km from the Badami town, definitely worth a visit site.

Other attractions in Badami are as follows:

  • Aihole
  • Serene Lake
  • Archaeological Museum
  • Banashankari
  • Mahakuta


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