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Tourist Attractions in Balrampur

Balrampur situated on the bank of River Rapti, is an important tourist destination in the Lotus tour. It lies at the foothills of the Himalayas. The whole town is replete with Buddhist relics and monuments. The religious sites are the main Tourist Attractions in Balrampur.

The ancient city of Mahet lying North of Sahet is famous for its ancient ruins and derelict monuments, This ruin bears testimony to the advance lifestyle here in the days of yore.

The great Stupas are located in the premises of the Shobanath Temple. They contain many of the relics and artifacts of Buddhist culture and mythology.

The 12th century inscription can be seen in the Jeetavana monastery in Balrampur District. Even emperor Ashoka is said to have visited this place.

Some of the other nearby places of Buddhist Pilgrimage tour which is well accessible from Balrampur are Sarnath, Vaishali, Lumbini, Sravasti and Kushinagar.

Balrampur is also known for its sugar mills.

A lot of hotels have been constructed in Balrampur to accommodate the growing number of tourists here. These hotels and guest houses provide you with comfortable accommodation and dining experience.

Balrampur is well accessible by road from Sravasti, Kushinagar and Lumbini.

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