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Jain Temple

Close to the Bhojeshwar Temple in Bhojpur is the beautifully designed Jain Temple. Bhojpur is a culturally and archeologically rich location of India. It houses some magnificent monuments which showcase the craftsmanship of the bygone days.


An incomplete masterpiece yet a marvelous artwork, the Jain Temple has a stone raising rise. The temple houses three figures of the Tirthankaras. The 20 feet tall statue of Mahavira is a special attraction of the Jain Temple in Bhojpur. The other two statues are of Parswanath. The Jain Temple is rectangular in shape.

In the premise of the Jain Temple is the shrine of Shri Mantunga Acharya who was the author of Bhaktamar Strota. The Siddha Shila or the Nirvana Rock is also housed in the temple and is a prized possession of it. It is the Nirvana Rock where Shri Mantunga Acharya received his enlightenment.

How to get there

Very close to the Bhojeshwar Temple, the Jain Temple is easily accessible by local conveyance.

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