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Holy Places in Bhopal

Bhopal is the land of cultural and religious diversity. It consists of various ethnic religions and people who have come and settled here. Bhopal is equally popular for its aboriginal natives— “adivasis”as they are called in Hindustani dialect. It is a growing spot of tourist interest which is visited by hordes of discerning travelers from various parts of the country. Apart from the placid lakes, rich flora and fauna, architectural splendors and ancient monuments; there are a lot of holy places in Bhopal.

Many tourists flock to Bhopal’s holy places to pay visit to the incredible temples and impressive mosques that were built by the emperors and kings of the years of yore. There is no end to the pilgrim places in Bhopal if a tourist is on a pilgrim tour to this lovely place. The temples and mosques in Bhopal are built in marvelous architecture and are ornately decorated on all the sides.

The wall paintings and carved out sculptures are very enthralling. If you are fed up of the adventure tour and the scenic beauty of the city then for a different touch of sublimity and for a spiritual connection you can surely visit the holy places in Bhopal.

There are many mosques depicting the skillfulness of the Muslim architects. They have built these imposing mosques in the form of towering minarets and tastefully adorned interior sanctums.

Lakshmi Narayan Temple, Bhopal which is visited by the tourists all the year round was built in veneration to the Goddess Lakshmi. The most striking trait of this temple is that, it commands picturesque views of the Bhopal city and accentuates one’s delight of visiting the city. The complex of the temple also houses sprawling lawns and verdant gardens exuding an aura of peace and eternal bliss all around.


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