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Lakes & Gardens in Bhopal

Bhopal is the capital of Madhya Pradesh. Lakes and gardens in Bhopal quietly make their charm felt among the tourists because of their immaculate beauty. These charming lakes provide a chance for tourists to indulge in water sports and have unlimited fun and frolic. While some of the lakes are a gift of nature to Bhopal, others have been unnaturally carved out in the earth's surface by the efforts of man.

Well-known for its lakes, in-fact christened as "Lake City", Bhopal boasts of best boating facilities in the country. The city is mainly bounded by two beautiful lakes. Boat Clubs at both lower and upper lake are the main attraction and one can easily take a joy ride in cool cozy environs. The two charming lakes dominate the city of Bhopal and is indeed the lifeline of the city.

Lakes and Gardens in Bhopal, India are among the major tourist places to be visited while on . One just can’t afford to miss the beauty and tranquility that Bhopal lakes and gardens promise. Lakes and gardens in Bhopal constitutes the major tourist attractions in Bhopal.

All year through water sports of all kinds can be organized in the immaculate lakes of Bhopal. Wonderful water sports facilities for swimming, boating etc. are available. Lakes and gardens in Bhopal can be the ideal spot for picnics.

Bhopal Garden and Lakes represents greenery, serenity, artistic approach, and blessing of the Almighty. The city has some gorgeous landscaped gardens and lakes that are truly a visual glee to the eyes of the visitors. The gardens and lakes of Bhopal provide a break to the tangled nerves of the city dwellers.

The gardens are dotted all over the city and are very attractive with their verdant, exquisitely laid out parks and flower shows. Bhopal is greener and cleaner than most cities in India. A visit to these places will surely last long in your memory. There are quite number of parks and gardens in Bhopal which are the favorite hangouts for every traveler.


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