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Van Vihar Safari Park Madhya Pradesh

Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh is dotted with a host of tourist attractions that act as major tourist draws. There are monuments, museums, holy places and a number of lakes and gardens in Bhopal that have found pride of place in the tour itinerary of the visitors trooping in to Bhopal.

Indeed, the plethora of tourist attractions in Bhopal have played a key role in increasing its importance as one of the sought after tourist destinations in not only in Madhya Pradesh, but in India as well. Van Vihar Safari Park, Bhopal, India is on of the popular tourist highlights in Bhopal and warrants a special visit.

Van Vihar Safari Park, Bhopal languidly sprawls across an area of 445 hectares. The park is located on a hill close to the Upper Lake. Van Vihar Safari Park in Bhopal houses a diverse variety of animals of both herbivorous and carnivorous species and a host of colorful birds. Bhopal’s Van Vihar Safari Park was ascribed the status of a natural park in 1983. The park provides the perfect ambience where the animals can move about freely. They are not incarcerated and allowed free movement.

The wildlife enthusiasts can look forward to having a great time at Van Vihar Safari Park, Bhopal where they can watch closely the movements of the animals in their natural habitat. The birds that are commonly spotted comprise of peacocks, barlets, bulbuls, munias, orioles and wagtails. If you are lucky enough you might also stumble upon Blue Kingfisher, Phakta, Bhura Teetar, Kala Teetar and migratory birds like the Tree Pie and Drongo.

If you are a wildlife conservationist or a lover of wild life, you would surely be full of praise for the initiative taken by Van Vihar Safari Park, Bhopal in ensuring a safe asylum for a variety of animals. Some of the animals that you get to come across at this place comprise of white tiger, leopard, Hyena, Cheetal, Sambar, Neelgai, panthers, jungle cats and Blackbuck.

Van Vihar Safari Park, Bhopal also boasts of a rich flora. Among the popular trees that grow here are included teak, Kardhai, salai, palas, tendu and gurajan. Among the creepers, the commonly spotted ones include the gomachi, harjudi, bangoon creeper and malkangni.


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