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Monuments and Museums in Bhopal

Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, the largest state in India, also enjoys the importance ascribed to one of the sought-after tourist destinations. In spite of being a congested commercial center, Bhopal is charming place that warrants a special visit.

Among the popular places of interest that the city boasts of, the monuments and museums in Bhopal enjoys a special pride of place. In fact, remains incomplete if you fail to pay visits to at least a few of the monuments and museums in Bhopal, India and you can bank on to serve as your indispensable guide in this.

Among the Bhopal monuments and museums, mention needs be made of the Birla Museum. The museum gives the visitor a sneak peek into the rich cultural and historical backdrop of Madhya Pradesh. One can take a close look at the tools and implements belonging to the Paleolithic and Neolithic period. Stone sculptures dating back to the 7th to 13th centuries will also captivate your attention. Other items on display include terracotta products, manuscripts and coins.

The State Archaeological Museum also features among the most visited Monuments and Museums in Bhopal. Here, a rich collection of sculptures accumulated from various parts of the state will engender your interest. This museum is showcases the rich cultural tradition of the state.

If you are an art enthusiast, you will find your sense of aesthetics sparked off by a number of impressive paintings belonging to various schools. Besides these paintings, the museum also houses a host of the statues, figurines, musical instruments and tribal handcrafted items.

A lot of tourists visiting Bhopal make it a point to pay a visit to Shaukat Mahal and Sadar Manzil. Counted among one of the popular Memorials and Museums in Bhopal, the Mahal is a commendable amalgam of the oriental and occidental architectural styles.

If architectural brilliance holds you enthralled then the unique synthesis of the Gothic and the post-Renaissance styles that have been fused to a charming effect in the construction of Shaukat Mahal is going to get you. The Sadar Mahal functioned as a Hall of Public Audience and is an imposing structure built of red brick.


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