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Tourist Attractions in Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar is undoubtedly the temple city of India and is also the hub of the rich culture and tradition of Orissa that is inherent in the natives of this religious and sanctified land. Once you set your foot in this metropolis, the question of what to see in Bhubaneswar would hardly strike your mind as you will simply run out of time if you want to see all the Tourist Attractions in Bhubaneshwar.

Bhubaneshwar during the ancient times was the capital of the Kalinga Empire and one can clearly discern the old glory of this place as it had 7000 temples. The brilliant architecture still stands unmatched as compared to any other temple of India. Your Tour to Bhubaneswar would rather be a temple tour as you come across a wide range of excellently carved out temples. Bhubaneswar Tourist Attractions include one of the most significant temples which is Lingaraj Mandir, Bhubaneshwar. This temple is an excellent instance of historic architecture and brilliance. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva and large number of tourists and devotees swarm here to catch a glimpse of it.

Sightseeing in Bhubaneswar is surely going to be the most fulfilling one since it has every ingredient that makes for a successful vacation. The other Tourist Attractions in Bhubaneswar are the Orissa State Museum which is the repository of sculptures, stone inscriptions, lithic and bronze-age tools, rare copper plates, palm-leaf manuscripts, paintings, anthropological specimens, and musical instruments. The Handicrafts Museum also deserves a visit, with its exhibition of folk paintings, horn toys, brass castings and sculptures. The tribal museum in Bhubaneshwar is another place which is of great tourist interest for the tourists desirous of learning about the evolution of the tribes and their way of living.

Udaigiri and Khandgiri Caves, Bhubaneswar are a part and parcel of tour packages to Bhbaneshwar. They are among the chief Tourist Attractions in Bhubaneswar. These were the dwellings of the Jain monks and were made of coarse sandstone. The interiors of these caves still inspire awe among the visitors by the dint of its unsurpassed charm.

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