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  • LocationLingaraj Road, Old Town, Bhubaneshwar, Odisha

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Lingaraj Mandir

Enjoying a special pride of place among the Holy Places in Bhubaneswar, the Lingaraj Mandir in Bhubaneswar, dates back to the 10th century. Its quaintness has not been able to dilute the feeling of veneration and reverence that the devotees attach to it till the present date.

History of Lingaraj Mandir Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar's Lingaraj Mandir has a long history behind it. According to few sources, the temple's construction is credited to Yayati Kesari in the 7th century who had shifted his capital from Jaipur to Bhubaneswar. If the legends are to be believed then it is said that Lord Shiva, in a vision, revealed to Parvati his preference of Bhubaneswar over Benaras. Parvati decided to take a look around the city in disguise. During her explorations she was accosted by Kitti and Vasa, the two demons who were subsequently killed by her. It is following this incident that Lord Shiva decided to take abode here as Krittivasa or Lingaraja.

Description of Lingaraj Mandir Bhubaneswar

The Lingaraj Mandir is located is a generously spaced courtyard sprawling over 25, 0000 square feet. The courtyard is bastioned by sturdy walls. The exquisitely carved tower of the temple, shoots up to a height of 180 feet. Inside the sanctum sanctorum is enshrined the Shivalingam that is around 8 inches in height, above the floor level and is around 8 feet in diameter. In the north-west direction of the courtyard is located the Bhagawati Temple.

The Lingaraja Temple is visited by the devotees each day. There is a constraint is the total number of worship services that can be conducted in a particular day and is limited to 22. Once a year, the shivalingam is taken to the Jalamandir which is right in the center of the Bindu Sagar Lake.


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