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Museums and Monuments in Bhubaneshwar

Orissa nestles at the eastern corner of India by the coast of Bay of Bengal. There are many Historical palaces in Orissa. Museums and monuments in Bhubaneshwar attract tourists from far and wide places. On a short trip it is not possible to visit all museums and monuments in Bhubaneshwar as Tour to Orissa offers you so much to see and explore. Hence it is advisable to educate yourself with the information so that you can cover the most interesting places while on Tour to Bhubaneshwar.

Here is the list of some famous museums and monuments in Bhubaneshwar which are frequently visited by the travelers.

Orissa State Museum, Bhubaneshwar has become the most important institutions of the state with a wide range of antiquities portraying the region's rich cultural heritage. The galleries feature archaeology, epigraphy, numismatics, armory, mining and geology, painting, anthropology and manuscripts. It is one of the most visited Bhubaneshwar museums and monuments.

Museum of Man in Bhubaneshwar is essentially a research center that houses facts about the origin and evolution of the tribes that dwell in the various parts of Orissa. The main reason of setting up of this museum is the display of houses of Orissan adivasis that include the Santal, Juang, Gadaba, Saora and Kondh. It is surely a must visit destination among the Museums and Monuments in Bhubaneshwar, India.

Pathani Samanta Planetarium, Bhubaneshwar is the center for astronomy astrophysics and space science. It educates the public in these fields. It also successfully creates human interest and awareness in environment. Among the various Tourist Attractions in Bhubaneshwar, a visit to the interesting and absorbing museums and monuments in Bhubaneshwar is must.

Orissa modern art gallery boasts of the best art works from modern young artists as well as veterans. What makes this gallery even more significant is that it showcases the oils, acrylic, lithographs, etchings, drawings and sculptors from the most underprivileged but skilled artists of the city.

Udaigiri and Khandgiri caves are the two twin hills that symbolize one of the most primitive groups of Jaina rock-cut architecture in eastern India in the field of architecture, art and religion.


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