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Tourist Attractions in Bihar

Bihar the base of the first Indian empire is steeped in history, primarily religious. It oozes with the memory of Buddhism and Jainism and most of the Tourist Attractions in Bihar are in some way or the other related to them.

A visit to Nalanda, Rajgir and Bodhgaya, three important cities in the state of Bihar along with the state capital Patna will help one cover more or less all the important Tourist Attractions in Bihar. For a true blue Indian visit, make sure you do not miss out on this state.

There are some spots which have a long historical association and have been well maintained to this day as for example the Pipal tree under which Lord Buddha sat and meditated before he became the enlightened one. However there are some which have surrendered to the test of times and what remains are mere relics. Even then it holds a certain amount of interest and charm to the visitors. They flock to visit these places. One of the best examples is the remnants of what was once the Nalanda University, one of the world's first residential universities. tours to bihar are not just a historians or an archaeologist's delight, also take you to the foremost Tourist Attractions in Bihar.

There are numerous other places which ring with a historical note; in fact Bihar houses some of the best Museums which are excellent repertoires of rare and exquisite art and artifacts. Places of religious importance to the Hindus like the reputed Lakshmi Narayan Mandir and its hot spring also forms some of the premier Tourist Attractions in Bihar.


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