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Forts and Palaces in Bikaner

Rajasthan will always feature in the list of the some of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. The wide variety of attractions in Rajasthan makes it one of the most sought after tourist destination in the world. The beautiful desert, the rich wildlife, number of forts, palaces and museums with historical importance all these makes Rajasthan a thoroughly enjoyable tour for the tourists. There are a number of tourist places in Rajasthan which is embedded with a number of these attractions.

These tourist places in Rajasthan attract a lot of tourists. Most of the tourists nest in these places of Rajasthan and get the advantage of having a number of tourist attractions within close proximity. Bikaner in Rajasthan is emended with this character as it has high density of tourist attractions. Bikaner also has its share of forts and palaces. The forts and palaces in Bikaner boast a splendid architecture along with a great historical importance. Tourists visiting these places get to witness the various feature of Rajasthani architecture along with a fair idea of the rich history of the place.

The forts and palaces have witnessed a number of battles fought by the Rajputs. These forts and palaces are also one of the most important landmarks of the place. These tourist spots are mostly visited by those who want to get an idea about the royal architecture of Rajasthan. History lovers also flock these places in large numbers to gain knowledge about the history of the place. Most of these forts and palaces in Rajasthan dates back to the Rajput era but they still carry the legacy of art and culture.

On visiting these forts and palaces you will be able to witness the splendid decor of the palaces. The sculptors revealing the various forms of art and is a great sight. These forts and palaces also have a large collection of well maintained paintings and artifacts. There are a number of forts and palaces in Bikaner, However, in case of time crunch; tourists are not always able to visit all of them. The two places you must visit are the Lalhgarh Palace and Junagarh Palace in Bikaner. These fort and palace is an integral part of Bikaner tours. The splendid architecture and historical significance of the place make it one of most visited place in Bikaner.


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