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Monuments in Bikaner

Rajasthan is truly a dream destination for tourists. The variety of Rajasthan Tourist Attractions makes it an attractive enough place for tourists of all types. Rajasthan has no dearth of tourist attractions. They are spread all across the state. This makes it almost difficult for tourists to visit all those tourist attractions during a single tour. Most tourists nest in a city or town in Rajasthan and visit the nearby tourist attractions.

This practice makes Bikaner an important place for tourists. They can easily nest in this city and visit the numerous tourist attractions in and around the city. Bikaner itself has a lot of historical significance. It is reflected by the number of historically significant tourist spots in the city. The monuments in Bikaner are an integral part of Bikaner tours. The historical significance that these Bikaner monuments possess makes them a great attraction for tourists.

The monuments in Bikaner are not only a major attraction for tourists. Each of them is also a piece of marvelous architecture. The characteristic fine architecture of these monuments also gives you an idea about the magnificent architecture of the place. Bikaner is also embedded with many other attractions, but the monuments are most popular with tourists. These monuments also form some of the most important landmarks of the city.

There are many historical places in Bikaner. Some museums attract so many tourists throughout the year that they occupy a significant position in the tourism map of Rajasthan. Some of the most popular Bikaner monuments are as follows:

  • Junagarh Fort
  • Ganga Singh Museum
  • Jain Haveli
  • Bhandeswari
  • Sadul Museum
  • Prachina Museum

Several tour operators offer a tour to Bikaner. The popularity of the Bikaner monuments among tourists has prompted most tour operators to include a visit to these monuments. Choose Bikaner tour packages by Indian Holiday for the expertise and experience to deliver a great tour.

Book your tour to Bikaner as soon as possible, and you will surely enjoy every moment of your time. The visit to the monuments in Bikaner will genuinely add a lot of value to your Rajasthan tour, as you can get close to the rich history of the place.


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