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Deorani Jethani Temples

There are numerous attractive destinations in Bilaspur which promise to make your tour to Bilaspur absolutely enjoyable with their diverse types of tourist attractions. Of them, Talagaon is distinguished on the virtue of its holy places. So if you want to see the best of holy places in Bilaspur then do include Talagaon in your travel itinerary which is located around 30 km away from Bilaspur. The prime attractions of this place are Deorani Jethani Temples.

In the process of excavation on the banks of River Maniyari in Talagaon, the Deorani Jethani Temples in Bilaspur, India were found. The retrieved structures on the site tell of the splendor of these temples.

History of Deorani Jethani Temples, Bilaspur:

Bilaspur's Deorani Jethani Temples have great historical significance. In this site, a beautiful statue of Rudra Shiva, which belongs to 6th century, has been found.

Description of Deorani Jethani Temples, Bilaspur:

It is believed that Talagaon in Bilaspur, India found its name in the travel map due to Deorani Jethani Temples. These exquisite temples boast of elaborate carvings and statues on the walls that are based on the stories of Lord Shiva. Besides, you will be enthralled at the sight of grand entrance of the temples which feature amazing artistic statues of Hindu Gods & Goddesses.

The major highlight of Deorani Jethani Temples is the statue of Rudra Shiva. This statue belongs to 6th century. The specialty of this statue lies in its intricate shape. On a close at the statue you will find that the bodily parts of the deity are exemplified through different animals and insects and it also contains several human faces on its body. This is truly a unique creation of the artist. In fact, it is the intricacy of this statue that draws the attention of both the art connoisseur and lay men. The soaring popularity of the temples is attributed immensely to this statue only.

To increase tourist footfall to this place, the area around the Deorani Jethani Temples has been converted into an exquisite park. Besides, along the banks of the River Maniyari, new carvings are being done on the walls to make the place look more attractive.


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