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Temples of Ratanpur

Ratanpur was once the capital of Chhattisgarh. It is situated about 25 km from Bilaspur on the Katghora Road. As per the belief of the locals, the place Ratanpur was important in all the 4 yugs (ages) of Hinduism - Sat yug, Treta yug, Dwaapar yug and Kal yug. Temples of Ratanpur, Bilaspur attract tourists from far and wide places. Ratanpur is a holy land and one of the most important holy places in Bilaspur.

Ratanpur is mainly visited for its ruins of an old fort which stands tall over the small town. Striking temples can be seen dotted all over this place. Of all the temples of Ratanpur in Bilaspur, this fort features an attractive stone sculpture over the frame of the Ganesh gate. The entrance has Shiva's Tandav Dance and statues of Lord Bramha and Lord Vishnu. Inside, you shall come across the famous Sitchourai and Jagarnath temples.

While on a visit to various temples of Ratanpur in Bilaspur, India you will be fascinated by the beauty and sculpture of some temples. An 11th century temple, dedicated to the Goddess Mahamaya, was built during the reign of Calturi the king of Raja Ratnadev. There are ponds near the temple. Just opposite to this temple is another striking temple which features the Kantideval of Maratha Period. This has been renovated by the architecture department.

There are many attractive temples in Ratanpur. Little far from the palace of Ratanpur is temple of Baba Bairavnath which features a nine foot tall idol. Inside the palace of Ramtekri one can visit the temple of Ram Panchayat. Perched on a hillock is the Bhuddeshwar Shiv Temple built by Bhimbhaji Bhosle. Tucked away on a hilltop is the Laxmi Temple, also called Ekbira Temple. There is also the Ratneswar Mahadev Temple.

Hence temples of Ratanpur, Bilaspur are highly acclaimed and draw hundreds of tourists every year. Some of these temples are believed to be very auspicious. Wishes are granted at these sacred temples of Ratanpur, Bilaspur.

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