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Khadia Dam, Bilaspur

Khadia Dam, Bilaspur is situated in Lormi Block which is about 85 Kms from Bilaspur. It is admired for natural resources and beauty. Bilaspur is considered to be the main rice bowl of Chhattisgarh. The land is gifted with rich cultural heritage. The picturesque beauty of Khadia Dam in Bilaspur, India will cast a spell over the tourists. It is endowed with attractive natural diversity.

Besides visiting the stunning Bilaspur Khadia dam you can embark on a sightseeing tour to the beautiful monuments, extraordinary wildlife, dexterously carved temples, palaces, waterfalls, Buddhist sites caves, rock paintings and hill plateaus while on a tour to Bilaspur. The entire Chhattisgarh Region itself is a fascinating land for tourism, with many historical and naturally important places. Khadia dam, Bilaspur, with its natural beauty fascinates every tourist.

If you are planning to visit the famous Khadia dam in Bilaspur, it is advisable to obtain information about the Bilaspur district. Bilaspur is located in the eastern part of Chhattisgarh. The total area of Bilaspur is about 6,377 Sq km. In recent times the district has been divided into New Bilaspur, Korba and Janjgir-Champa.

Khadia Dam, Bilaspur is located in Bilaspur District of Chhattisgarh. It lies near Lormi and is renowned for its charming surroundings. The emerald green lands and the natural flowing water of the Khadia Dam in Bilaspur will not only soothe your eyes but will also touch your heart. There are many places in Bilaspur that will grab your attention and will make you glued to the land.

After visiting the famous Khadia Dam in Bilaspur, India you can even indulge in various adventure sports in the region. Some of the major water sports of the district are trekking, rock climbing, water sports, parasailing and bungee jumping. Reaching Bilaspur is very convenient as it is well connected to Mumbai and Kolkata via Raipur through National Highways. This apart it features an extensive rail network connecting it to major cities of India. The nearest airport is at Raipur.


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