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Ratanpur Fort, Bilaspur

Situated at a distance of about 25 kms from Bilaspur, Ratanpur enjoys a considerable importance from the point of view of tourism. Tourists visiting Bilaspur make it a point to pay visits to the nearby tourist highlights as well and Ratanpur Fort in Bilaspur is counted among one of the significant places of tourist importance.

History of Ratanpur Fort, Bilaspur:

Ratanpur Fort in Bilaspur, India is an old fort whose exact date of construction is shrouded in mystery. There is no historical evidence to dispel the haze that blurs the construction of this once impressive fort. There is also not enough information that makes it clear as to who commissioned the construction of this fort.

Description of Ratanpur Fort, Bilaspur:

Bilaspur's Ratanpur Fort, at present, lies in a dilapidated state. Due to the absence of proper maintenance the fort has lost its grandeur and splendor. It is not difficult to form a conception as to how the fort looked during its prime. Dereliction with regard to its proper maintenance and preservation has stripped off the fort of its former magnificence. Here you can marvel and appreciate the exquisite stone sculpture over the frame of the Ganesh Gate. Take a close look at the idols of Ganga and Jamuna that grace the gate. At the entrance, Lord Shivji, in his Tandav Dance pose is bound to grab eyeballs. Ratanpur is also dotted with a number of temples among which mention must be made of the The Mahamaya Temple, Baba Bairavnath Temple, Bhuddeshwar Shiva Temple, Ekbira Temple and Ratneswar Mahadev Temple.

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