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Tourist Attractions in Bodhgaya

Bodhgaya in Bihar is revered as the place of Lord Buddha’s attainment level of Nirvana- enlightenment. The city is highly pious among Buddhist and attracts large number Buddha devotees and other travelers from all parts of India and across the globe.

The city boasts of several attractions which date back to the times of ancient era. One of the most important places of interest to visit in Bodhgaya is Bodhi Tree that is believed to be the meditation site of Lord Buddha. The tree is a considered to be a holy spot among Buddhists and there are various threads tied to the tree as a part of rituals by the devotees. Another prime attraction is Mahabodhi temple which is a UNESCO site. The temple is put-up in Dravidian styles and the main deity presiding inside the temple is a Lord Buddha statue, in a sitting posture touching the earth while attaining enlightenment.

Other major attractions to visit in Bodhgaya are Bodhgaya Archeological museum (closed on Fridays) that is repository to massive collection of images of Buddha and Hindu gods made of silver and bronze, sculptures and other antiques; Tibetan monastery, Shaivite monastery and Chankramana.

Bodhgaya is a peaceful and relaxing holiday destination that will give you peace, power and rebuild your faith in almighty.

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