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Places to Visit Near Bodhgaya

Bodhgaya is popular as the place where Gautam Sidhartha (Lord Buddha) attained enlightenment and is counted as one of the most important religious sites for Buddhism. It receives heavy footfall of devotees as well as tourists from all around.  Besides this town, there are a number of tourist destinations near Bodhgaya that are worth-visiting.

There are a number of places of interest near Bodhgaya to which one can go for excursions, one of which is Gaya, another important religious place for people of Hindu religion. It is known as the final right of the deceased member of the family is performed. Another important place is Nalanda. Around 50 km from here, this place is a centre of ancient learning and was known for housing Nalanda University. 

Do visit Rajgir, another important place for Buddhists. This is the place where Lord Buddha had spent a major portion of his life. Sonepur, Sarnath, Ranchi and Rourkela are the other tourist placs near Bodhgaya.


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