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Nagarjuni Caves, Bodhgaya

Set close to the Barabar Caves, Nagarjuni Caves are commonly joined with Barabar Caves in one group of monuments. This is because; both the caves are believed to have a number of similarities. The wild location of Nagarjuni caves makes it is a less popular monument of the town.

There are three caves excavated in the Nagarjuni Hills. The first one and third one is Gopi (Gopi-ka-Kubha) and Vapiya-Ka-Kubha Cave (Mirza Mandi) which are as per the inscriptions are believed to be devoted to Ajivika followers of 232 BC by King Dasaratha. Located in the crevice is the third cave, Vadithi-ka-Kubha cave (Vedathika Kubha).

Of all the caves, Gopi cave is the most important cave which is accessible by a few steps. There are a number of inscriptions found on the walls here. Also, it is believed that some Islamic saints used to live in these caves during the 19th century.

The second cave is the Mirza Mandi cave, which is believed to be excavated during the time of King Dasharatha. The last cave of the hill is Vedathika Kubha which is accessible through a natural gap. One can find some structural stupas in the cave as it is believed that years ago, the place was dedicated to Buddhist religious practices.


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