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Pretshila Hills

Located within close vicinity to Ramshila hill, Pretshila hill is one among the prime attractions in Gaya, Bihar. The site is highly pious among Hindus where several devotees pay homage/Pinda Daan to their ancestors in order to free their soul and give them final relaxation. Moreover, before performing the rituals of Pind Daan, devotees take a holy dip in Brahma Kund which is considered divine.

Legends say that, there was a demon who was not happy with the sufferings caused by death, so he prayed to Lord Vishnu and communicated his sorrow. After hearing the unhappiness of the demon, Lord Vishnu blessed the demon by a quality through which he can forgive people and their sins. Owing to such beliefs, devotees from all parts of the country come and offer sincere respect to their ancestors, so that their soul can rest in peace.

Other important sites near Pretshila are Bodhi tree where Lord Buddha attained the level of Nirvana- enlightenment, Phalgu River Ghats and Narmada Mata temple. 


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