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Rajgir Travel Guide

Located at a distance of 15 km from Nalanda and 100 km from Patna, Rajgir is one of the popular tourist destinations of Bihar. It is believed that the place is around 3000 years old and even finds its mention in Mahabharata, the great Hindu epic. Surrounded by 5 semi-arid rocky hills, Rajgir is related Buddhism, Hinduism as well as Jainism. The town also houses a number of archaeological sites connected to Jainism and Buddhism. It has also been host to Lord Mahavira and Lord Buddha and both of them had spent an important part of their life. Thus, it is visited by the followers of Jainism and Buddhism.

Rajgir was once the proud capital of Magadha. Today it’s warm water ponds and springs allure people from all around and are known to have water with medicinal properties. The landscape of Rajgir is dotted with number of historic sites. The place exudes scenic beauty and immense serenity. Erected by Japanese devotees atop Ratnagiri Hills, The Shanti Stupa and Monasteries are the prime attractions that are accessible through a Ropeway.

Rajgir bustles with heavy tourist activity during October month at the time of Rajgir Mahotsava, the 3-day cultural festival known for folk music, dance and classical Indian music. Some of the other places of interest in Rajgir includes Jivakameavan Gardens, Venu Vana,Jarasandha ka Akhara, Karanda Tank, Cyclopean Wall, Bimbisara jail, Hot Springs, Jain Temples etc. Nearest Airport to Rajgir is in Patna, 101 km and the nearest railway station is Gaya, which is 78 km away from here.


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