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Vishnupad Temple Bodhgaya

Located in the heart of the town, Vishnupad Temple in Bodhgaya is one of the most revered sites here for Hindu devotees. It is believed that the temple has been built over the footprint of Lord Vishnu.  Placed on the banks of Phalgu River, The ancient temple was built by Queen Ahilya Bai of Indore way back in the year 1787. The temple has Shikhara- style construction.

The footprints (40 cm long) of the Lord are embossed on a solid stone called Dhaarm Shila. It is enclosed by a silver-plated basin. The pilgrims who visit the temple, touch the imprint and offer prayers. Flower garlands and milk are offered to Lord Vishnu here by the people who wish that the souls of their departed family members should rest in peace.

Vishnupad temple is erected atop Brahmajuni hill and a flight of 1000 stone steps lead to its entrance. The view from the top is mesmerizing. The temple restricts the entry of non-Hindus.


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