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Main Bazaar in Bundi

Bundi is an important city of the sate of Rajasthan. There are number of tourist places of interests in Bundi that have been attracting tourists from different parts of the world throughout the year. Shopping in Bundi has an integral part in the itinerary of tour to Bundi. There are a number of shopping areas in Bundi, one of which is Main Bazaar. Main Bazaar is in fact the most popular and busy shopping area of Bundi.

Owing to its picturesque beauty and innumerable tourist attractions, Rajasthan has become the top most international destination. The tourist footfall has been increasing every year in Rajasthan. Almost every part of Rajasthan has shopping areas that have been appealing the tourists for many years. The city of Bundi has some well-known shopping centers that sell beautiful Rajasthani products.

Main Bazaar

Main Bazaar is known for its magnificent collection of different types of mementos. This bazaar is often dubbed as shopping paradise in Budni. Bundi attraction tour must include a visit to Main Bazaar.

Products found at Main Bazaar

The most popular products sold in the shops of Main Bazaar are cloth carpets, paintings mainly miniature paintings, artifacts and numerous types of handicrafts. The cloth carpets come in attractive decoration. The intricate detailing of the carpets makes them one of the best buys from Bundi main market.

The miniature paintings which are widely popular in this shopping bazaar in Bundi have earned a world-wide recognition. Among the other items that are showcased in this bazaar, wooden toys, lac bangles, colorful odhnis, Kota sarees and stone statues are the most popular ones.

Both local and urban women of are drawn to this shopping bazaar in Bundi India manly because of its extensive collection of Kota sarees and lac bangles. Kota sarees are also preferred by the foreign tourists. The beautifully designed wooden toys are mainly bought as mementos or souvenirs.

For those tourists not interested in shopping can walk along the streets of Main Bazaar and know about the different shopping trend of this place. The display of different items and products will also help the tourists know about the rich culture of the state of Rajasthan.

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