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Bundi Palace

Bundi is one of the most of the popular tourist places in Rajasthan. Blessed with an unending natural beauty, the particular place is great to visit as it boasts a perfect combination of natural beauty and historical significance. Hence, tourists of all kinds get a great experience by visiting the place. Bundi is in fact famous for baolis or step wells and water tanks.

These are great attractions for tourists in Bundi. However, the forts and palaces in Bundi are also a great attraction for tourists. The Bundi Palace of Rajasthan is perfect place to visit in order to witness the extraordinary craftsmanship of Rajasthan. The various exhibits of the palace provide you a great window in to the history of the place.

Located adjacent to the Taragarh Fort, the Bundi Palace is the perfect example to showcase the craftsmanship of the place. The main attraction of the Bundi Palace is the traditional murals. These murals get you an idea about the tradition of the place. The murals reflect the Bundi royalty and cover almost the whole palace. However, as a tourists you won't be allowed to visit all the aspects of the palace.

The Chitrasala segment of he Bundi Palace is only open for public viewing. Bundi Palace also features a number of other attractions. There is also an art gallery in the Chitrasala segment. The particular gallery exhibits a lot of miniature colorful murals. These murals bear a special significance as they depict pictures of Raaslila and Ragmala- the story of Radha and Krishna.

You can explore some areas of the palace which is otherwise closed for tourists if you can avail a special permission from the Maharaja of Bundi's secretary. You may ignore the fact but if you have permission and get to visit those parts which are usually not accessible to the tourists, then you will surely feel that the permission was invaluable. Hence, if you are really looking for a great tour then try to collect such a permission to make your tour even more enriching.

There are some rules and regulations for tourist to follows in Bundi palace. Photography is strictly prohibited. However, following these rules is too easy a task to witness this magnificent palace. When illuminated in light during night, it is an awesome sight. The various exhibits of the palace and the art and architecture of the palace that starts with a wooden gate are simply superb. Hence, if you are visiting Rajasthan then make sure you pay s visit to the palace as it will truly be a lifetime experience. So, set a date with Bundi Palace in Bundi on your next visit to Bundi. It would surely be an experience worth remembering!


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