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Sukh Mahal in Bundi

Having a class of its own, the Sukh Mahal was built during the era of Umed Singh. The main objective behind building this mahal was to provide a facility of free hand activities to the princess. The Mahal allowed the activities free from the control of Rao. Hence, the particular palace makes you aware of the tradition during that era.

Located on the banks of Jait Sagar, Sukh Mahal is also known as Sukh Sagar. The value of the place is further enhanced by the fact that during the 19th century, it played the playing host to the celebrated writer, Rudyard Kipling. With the beauty of being located in the midst of a lush background and a lush garden, the palace is a treat to the eye of he visitors. Moreover, the Sukh Mahal also has a network of underground tunnel that was built in order to provide a safe exit for the king and his deputies in case of threatening enemy attacks. The tunnels that lead from the Sukh Mahal to the old palace are an example of engineering marvel of that era.


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