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Jait Sagar Lake in Bundi

Around 2 km from the town, lying adjacent to Taragarh hill, the picturesque Jait Sagar Lake is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bundi. This 1.5 km long lake is encircled by hills and is sprinkled with lotus during monsoon and winter months.

A visit to this lake is one of the most popular excursions from Bundi and is easily accessible through city’s local transport. Placed amidst a serene natural setting of mountains, the lake was commissioned by Jaita Meena. The surroundings of the lake are extremely soothing and peaceful. There is a fountain too near the lake, which looks extremely enchanting at night. The lake is also quite popular as a picnic spot amongst locals as well as tourists.

Jait Sagar Lake has Sukh Mahal on one of its banks. This is a small summer palace with beautiful terraced gardens where Rudyard Kipling stayed when he was writing his novel Kim. One the eastern bank of the lake is Kshar bagh or garden that consists of 66 Chattris or cenotaphs of the kings and the queens of the region. Another attraction of Bundi placed near the lake is Shikhar Burj.


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