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Raniji ki Baori in Bundi

Also known as Queen’s Stepwell, Raniji ki Baori is one of the most popular attractions of Bundi town. This famous stepwell was constructed way back in the year 1699 and was commissioned by Rani Nathavati Ji, one of the queens of the then ruler of Bundi, Rao Raja Anirudh Singh. This baori is a well with steps and is 46 meters deep. It has a towering narrow entrance and its pillars are adorned with delicate carvings. A multi-floored arrangement with nice sculptures and terraces, it also has places for worshiping on every storey. The narrow entryway of the stepwell stands on 4 pillars and has a stone elephant statue on each of its corner. The archways of Raniji ki Baori are adorned with ogee brackets.

Baoris (Baolis) or stepwells were an important construction done during medieval times in Bundi and Raniji ki Baori is one of the most important and probably the largest one of all the other constructed here.

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