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Monuments in Bundi

Bundi’s main attractions consist of historical monuments which are prominent for their paintings, mirror work and carvings. The popular monument of Bundi, Sukh Mahal was built by Raja Rao Vishnu. Rudyard Kipling stayed in the palace when he was working on his famous novel, Kim. Another notable attribute of Sukh Mahal is that it has an underground tunnel that connects it with Taragarh Fort. Taragarh Fort is settled on a steep hill and was constructed in 1354 AD.  It is also known as Star Fort and is counted as a major highlight of Bundi.

The town is also known for ornate baoris (step-wells), like Raniji ki Baori. This is a 46-meter-deep stepped-well adorned with beautiful carvings. You can find statues of two elephants facing each other, in the narrow entrance. Located in the popular market of Bundi, Sadar Bazar, Asman Garh Palace would surely engage you with its beauty. It is considered as a fine example of brilliant Rajput architecture and a must-visit attraction of Bundi. It is perched on a steep hill and proffers an enchanting view of the entire town and beyond. Art-lovers must take a stroll in fort’s Chitrashala where a collection of murals and paintings are put in exhibition.


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