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Dabhai Kund in Bundi

Bundi in Rajasthan is a great tourist attraction. In the last few years, Bundi has climbed up the ladder to the top places as a tourist destination. Large number of tourists flock the place every year to witness the beautiful tourist spots in Bundi. The variety of tourist spots in Bundi makes it an even more popular tourist spot as it offers something to tourists of all types. Among the variety of tourist spots in Bundi, the Dabhai Kund is visited by the most number of tourists. The particular structure portrays the rich art and architecture of the place and makes tourist aware of the history of the place. It offers a great touring experience to tourists, especially to those who are ardent lover of art and architecture.

Located in the middle of the city, The Dabhai Kund acts like a window into the magnificent past of the place. The historical significance of Dabhai Kund adds to the attraction of the structure. It reminds tourists of the valiant king Prithviraj Chauhan who was defeated by Mohammad Ghori in a battle. The kund is a reminiscent of the former glory of the place and is a great historical structure that portrays the glorious past. Hence, tourists visiting this place have a great experience as they not only get to witness the marvelous work of art and architecture of the region but also get a clear picture of the historical significance of the place.

Also known as Jai Kund, the Dabhai kund in Rajasthan is a great structure. In fact, it is the largest Kund in Bundi. The largest Kund in Bundi boasts a historical significance that can hardly be ignored. However, even if you are not an ardent history lover then also you will be mesmerized by the various exhibits of the Kund. The magnificent carvings on the staircases will be a treat to the eye. This staircase will lead you to the water level below. Witnessing these various features will unfold various unknown facts that you were not aware of previously.

History lovers will have the best time as it will take you close to the heydays of Rajasthani reign. The visit will make you aware of the grandeur and splendor of Rajput kings. Hence, if you are visiting Bundi, Rajasthan in India then make sure you visit Dabhai Kund. Though there are number of other kunds in Bundi but the Bundi tour would be incomplete without a visit to its largest kund. It will be truly be an enriching experience and will add a new dimension to your Rajasthan tour.


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