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Shahi Qila Burhanpur

The Shahi Qila is one majestic palace in Burhanpur, located to the east of the Tapti River. Litle of it remains today as the Shahi Qila is mostly in ruins now. However, the parts of the Palace that still stands displays amazing works of sculpture and exquisite carvings.

History of Shahi Qila

History of the Shahi Qila states that it was resided by Shah Jahan, at a time when he was the governor of Burhanpur. Shah Jahan became so fond of the fort that it was here, in Shahi Qila that he establishes his court for the first three years of his ascending the throne. It is said that his wife, famous as Mumtaz Mahal, of the Taj Mahal fame dies here in childbirth.

Description of Shahi Qila

The Shahi Qila, Burhanpur is mostly in ruins now, except a few beautifully carved parts of the palace that still stands as a symbol of the glorious Qila it was in the olden days. The locals call the Shahi Qila 'Bhulbhulaya' (that means a labyrinth) because the architecture of the Shahi Qila is puzzling and perplexing for a casual visitor.

How to reach Shahi Qila

Burhanpur is located on the National Highway 3. One can come till Indore and hire a car till Burhanpur down the Barhawa-Omkareshwar-Khandwa route, or come down to Khandwa for a day's trip to Burhanpur.

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