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Luz Church Chennai

Luz Church, Chennai is an eminent church in the city. The age and the heritage of the church have made it more important among other churches of the Chennai. In Chennai all the religions have their own identity. The churches are the best examples to witness the blend of cultures.

Not only British and French but Portuguese were the first to step the shore of Chennai and established colony in the country. Portuguese established various churches which bear the historical and mythological significances.

Luz Church, Chennai:

Luz Church of Chennai is one of the ancient Portuguese churches. The church was built in 16th century. Under the British rule, the church was renovated and the recent architecture shows typical Portuguese designs. According to the local folklore, there rests a story behind the church.

It is believed that when the Portuguese sailors were sailing during storm, they saw light and after following the light they reached the shore and after few year a church was constructed at the same place. This beautiful church with its simple construction and design attracts tourists from different corners of the country.

Luz church is located in one of the corner of Mylapore. The church is dedicated to ‘Our lady of Light’. The church is named after Luz Church Road. The church is also known as ‘KaatuKovli’. This oldest church in Chennai is believed that St. Thomas once had rested in this place.

Luz church, Chennai was built by Franciscan missionaries from Portugal. It was built in honor of Mother Mary. The elegant architecture is the true representation of European architecture.

The local tour packages include a tour to Luz Church of Chennai. The interiors of the church stand out from other Chennai churches.