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St. Andrew’s Church Chennai

St.Andrew’s Church, Chennai is one of the ancient churches which bear great historical significance. The church is unique in its motto and heritage. It is an example of Georgian Church art and architecture and is located near Egmore. The church was established by Scottish community of Chennai.

The St.Andrew’s church in Chennai came into existence due to the efforts of Major Thomas Fort de Havilland and Colonel James Caldwell. Chennai was the seat of colonial powers and so the city experienced various religious sects who came and made the place rich in various cultures and traditions.

St. Andrew’s Church, Chennai:

St. Andrew’s is designed like the St. Martin’s Lane, London. The English East India Company, in the days of its rule in India, established the church and that created a huge impact on the social and religious structures of the city. The church is located near Fort St. George. The attractiveness and the elegance of the church can be experienced in its construction and design. The pillars, walls, and the stained glass work decorate the church and make it different from the other churches.

The narrow paths lead to the main structure of the churches. The roof is specially designed and that shows the impact of the European architecture in Indian buildings. The existing bell, which is 4 m in diameter, decorates the church. The previous bell was used for military purposes and it bears historical importance. The bell was tolled for the first time during the funeral of an aged pastor. After various controversies it was brought down and replaced by the existing bell.

The height of the dome of the church is 51.5 ft in diameter from inside. There are sixteen fluted Corinthian columns to support the structure. Syrian Masonry techniques were used to construct the dome. The blue shade represents the peace that resides in every corner of the Church of St. Andrew in Chennai . Thousands of devotees visit the church and experience the pious ambience of St. Andrew’s church.