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Madras War Cemetery Chennai

The Madras War Cemetery Chennai is a tribute to all the valiant soldiers who laid down their lives in the Second World War. Set up in 1952, the Madras War Cemetery in Chennai was constructed by the Imperial War Graves Commission, which is now called the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.


Madras War Cemetery is located near the Chennai Trade Center.

  • Air: Nearest airport is Chennai, which is well connected to the major cities of India.
  • Rail: Chennai is the nearest railway station.

The War Cemetery in Chennai is a tribute to the soldiers of the Second World War. The Stone of Remembrance in the Cemetery welcomes its visitors with a beautiful line etched on it, “Their Name Liveth For Evermore”. The line has been taken from the Book of Ecclesiasticus. Besides, it was designed by Edward Lutyens, the person who designed Delhi.

The War Cemetery in Chennai honors 855 people of the Commonwealth Services and one Polish Airman who died at the line of duty while serving in various units during the Second World War. This is a War Memorial that is visited by a good number of tourists all around the year.

The Madras War Cemetery in Chennai also has three non wear graves apart from the others. There is also a ‘Cross of Sacrifice’ in the Cemetery which salutes the sacrifice of these brave martyrs who died in the battlefield.

Walking amidst the rows of gravestones one is often filled with a deep sense of patriotism at the sight of thousands of martyrs at their resting places.