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Museums in Chennai

Chennai is a metropolitan city of India and shares a glorious history with other important places in India. Located in the state of Tamil Nadu, in Southern India, Chennai is also the capital of Tamil Nadu. The entire state of Tamil Nadu is an open Museum which caters to the taste of millions across the globe. People visit the Museums in order to witness the splendid artifacts that are saved with care and concern. The splendid Marina Beach attracts tourists all round the year.

The Museums are those important places that houses the antique specimens related to the heritage of the country. They are the centers of learning and the Museums in Chennai are apt places for imparting knowledge and awareness. There are two important Museums in Chennai. They are Government Museum and the Vivekananda Museum.

Government Museum in Chennai is a home to a plethora of artifacts. All round the year the Government Museum is visited by people across the globe. Numerous departments are there in the Chennai Government Museum. They are Archeology Department, Art Department, Anthropology Department, Numismatics, Zoology and Chemical. Mostly concerned with the preservation of Indian Antiquity; the Government Museum in Chennai is an absolute wonder for Anthropologists. There is an exquisite collection of various frescoes and paintings in the Chennai Government Museum. Mostly they are made up of oil paintings, graphics and contemporary art forms. Mythological events have also been depicted with absolute precision. The life of ancient man with the various steps of progress has been depicted in various forms in the Government Museum at Chennai.

Vivekananda Museum in Chennai is another asset of Tamil Nadu. It is housed in the famous Ice House in Chennai. Actually this building had been previously the storage place for the Ice which did not melt even when the temperature outside was very high. Swami Vivekananda preached here the noble philosophies of life and henceforth the Ice House was changed into a Museum in course of time.

Chennai Museums

Museums in Chennai showcase the history, art, anthropology and development of Chennai and Tamil Nadu. While on a tour to Chennai, it is a good idea to visit the following museums:

Government Museum: Formed in the year 1857 at the city's center; this state museum is arguably the oldest in India. It is a large museum complex with different sections for varied subjects - coins, plants, animals, historical artifacts, items made with bronze and archeological remains.

Birla Planetarium - An interesting museum for science students and scholars, Birla Planetarium houses some of the advanced inventions in the field of astronomy, physical science, energy and material science. You can enjoy audio visual presentations about the sky, solar system and space.

Regional Rail Museum - This museum features the evolution of trains in India. Children can also enjoy rides in a toy train.

National Art Gallery - Established in the year 1907, the gallery is housed in an impressive looking building made of red sandstone representing Indo-Saracenic style of architecture. It features paintings, sculptures, traditional arts on glass, handicrafts and miniature items across 4 sections.