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Tourist Attractions in Cherrapunji

Untouched by the hands of metro lives, the region of Cherrapunji offers a bundle of natural attractions that are rare to find. Being considered as the only place in India to receive rainfall throughout the year, the region is blessed by a rich vegetation. Its hazy valleys, foaming rivers and ever rolling clouds crown the region as a major tourist attraction in the northeast of India. A complete Cherrapunji tour comprises visits to spectacular waterfalls, parks and limestone caves, which are highly attractive to the travelers.Famous attractions that must not be missed at any cost in Cherrapunji are Nohkalikai waterfalls, Double Decker Living Root Bridge, Thangkharang Park, Mawsmai cave, Dainthlen waterfalls, and Khasi Monoliths.

Apart from these attractions, Cherrapunji makes headlines for its centuries old living bridges. Besides visiting the numerous natural attractions, one can shop for traditional items in the city. One can start with shopping tribal jewelry and orange flavored honey, which are quite famous.

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