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Nohkalikai Falls

Settled few kilometers away from Cherrapunji (formerly the wettest place on earth), is the pristine Nohkalikai Waterfall. The literal meaning of Nohkalikai is ‘jump of Ka Likai’ and the name Nohkalikai is derived from a tragic Khasi legend. The picturesque beauty and the height of the fall would surely leave you mesmerized. Moreover, these falls create a thrilling and magical ambience.

Revered among the tallest plunging waterfalls in India, Nohkalikai fall is one of the most popular and important places to visit in Cherrapunji. Surrounded by enchanting lush greenery, Nohkalikai is a paradise for nature lovers and photo fanatics. The water gushes down from a height up to 1100 ft, refreshing all your senses.

Further, when the waterfall gushes down, it creates a waterhole, extremely blue in winters and green in summers. In-addition, the fall appears like a white rope falling, when adored from a striking view point. Apart from just enjoying the scenic view of Nohkalikai, you can also indulge in trekking, camping, bird watching, swimming and angling.

You can plan your trip to Nohkalikai in monsoons, when the falls are in full flow and the greenery of the place sprouts entirely. There is no harm in planning your visit in summers too. Usually, travelers hire a taxi or a car from Cherrapunji (7km away) or Shillong (52 km/around an hour drive) to travel to Nohkalikai fall.

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