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Tribal Culture in Chhattisgarh

The Tribal Culture in Chhattisgarh is vast and varied with its unique ways and means. The culture has its own uniqueness. If you are inclined to know about various tribal cultures and their various ways and means, then Chhattisgarh is the right place to be, and a study of the Tribal Culture in Chhattisgarh would be quite interesting. If you want more insights into the Tribal Culture in Chhattisgarh, India, you can visit the Memory Pillars of Gamawada in Dantewada, Maria Menhirs in Bastar, and the Anthropological Museum in Bastar.

Famous Tribes of Chhattisgarh

The well-known tribes in Chhattisgarh are the Gond Tribe, Bhunjia Tribe, Baiga Tribe, Bisonhorn Maria Tribe, Parghi Tribe, Muria Tribe, Halba Tribe, Bhatra Tribe, Parja Tribe, Dhurvaa Tribe, Muriya Tribe, Dandami Mariya Tribe, Dorla Tribe, Dhanwar Tribe, Kol Tribe, Korwa Tribe, Rajgond Tribe, Kawar Tribe, Bhaiyana Tribe, Binjwar Tribe, Savra Tribe, Manji Tribe, Bhayna Tribe, Kamar Tribe, Munda Tribe, and Abujmaria Tribe.

Culture of Chhattisgarh Tribes

To speak about the Tribal Culture in Chhattisgarh, each of the tribes possesses its own rich history and culture in Chhattisgarh. Their various forms of dance, music, dress, and food are different from each other. The chief of a tribe is called the 'Sarpanch', who acts as the main advisor and mediator during disputes and other important matters. A team of 5 advisors assists the Chief, each called panch. The tribes tremendously respect their Sarpanch and the 5 Panchs.

The tribes have a lot of unity within them. Marriages usually take place within the tribe. The dead are either buried or cremated. Due to the expensive multi-day rituals in cremation, it is not very popular. But the important elders are always cremated.


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FAQs about tribes in Chhattisgarh

Q: What are the major tribes in Chhattisgarh?

Ans. The main inhabits tribes in Chhattisgarh are Oraon, Korwa, Bhuinhar, Bhumia, Dhanwar, Saunta, Biar, Kanwar, Munda, Nagesia, Majhwar, Majhi, Kharia, Savra, Birhor, Kondh, Khairwar, Gond, Baiga, and Agaria.

Q: What is the occupation of Tribes in Chhattisgarh?

Ans. The main occupation of Chhattisgarh tribes is agriculture. But those poverty-stricken tribes also depend upon local cottage industries, fisheries, and hunting for their upkeep. Gond tribe is employed in the cushy primary sector jobs and other independent industries.

Q: Which is the largest tribe of Chhattisgarh?

Ans. Gond tribe is the largest in Chhattisgarh.