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Hanuman Dhara

One of the prime attractions of Chitrakoot is the Hanuman Dhara. Even though the climb up hill is bound to be a bit tiring, the spectacular sight of the spring will certainly dissolve all your fatigue. This cascade is indeed very impressive.

History of Hanuman Dhara

The story goes that the spring was created by Rama to give relief to his follower Hanuman when he returned after having set fire to Lanka.

Description of Hanuman Dhara

The spring is reached after climbing a flight of 360 steps. Apart from the spring there are several temples which are located here. The deity of Panch Mukhi Hanuman Dhara is worshipped. This five headed idol is highly revered by the people. It is also believed that the kitchen of Sita is located on top of this hill. But what is best about this place is the great view that it offers of the historic town of Chitrakoot. You will be surprised by the fantastic view.

How to reach Hanuman Dhara

Chitrakoot is very well connected by road to the major towns and cities of Madhya Pradesh. The nearest railway station is Chitrakoot Dham Karvi. From here you can get taxis to reach the main area of Chitrakoot. For those traveling by air the nearest airport will be Khajuraho from where you can take a bus. Within the town the local means of transportation are buses, autos and jeeps and you can avail of any of them to reach the Hanuman Dhara.


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