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Janaki Kund

Janaki Kund is a beautiful stretch of the river Mandakini. The blue water of the river well compliments the crystal clear sky. Everything seems to be in absolute harmony with nature. There is not a chord which is out of place. You will surely be impressed by the tranquil surroundings of this place.

History of Janaki Kund

Legend has it that Ram and Sita spent several years of their exile in Chitrakoot. Janaki Kund was Sita's favorite bathing place for all those years. She had indeed chosen a very charmingly simple and serene area for bathing. Footprints of this legendary heroine are still visible.

Description of Janaki Kund

It is an exquisitely beautiful straight stretch of the river Mandakini with a series of steps on the left bank leading to the water. A large number of people come to bathe here even now because they believe that these waters are specially blessed. You might even get to see the acrobatic skills of the monkeys who jump into the river from their trees. The temple of Rama Janaki Raghuveer is located here. You will also get to see the deity of Sankat Mochan Hanuman.

How to reach Janaki Kund

You have to reach Chitrakoot first either by land, rail or air. Khajuraho is the nearest airport. The nearest Railway station is Chitrakoot Dham Karvi. Taxis are available to reach the central town area from the railway station. Janaki Kund can be reached from Ramghat by boat. It is a distance of merely 2 km. You can also avail the buses and reach Janaki Kund by a road lined with trees from Ramghat.


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