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Archeological Museum

One of the most popular museums of Chittorgarh, Archaeological Museum is home to such valuable artifacts that are of immense historical significance. Placed at the eastern ending of Banbir-ki-Diwar, this museum boasts of an amazing collection of innumerable historical artifacts sourced from the Chittorgarh Fort and objects related to Hinduism as well as Buddhism that were found at the time of the excavation. One can also spot Buddhist stupas, under the trees. These stupas are placed quite close to Patta Tank and Jaimal Tank.

The collection at Archaeological Museum in Chittorgarh includes Stone Age objects, art and craft objects, coins, frescos, metallic objects, paintings, inscriptions, weapons, sculptures and terracotta figures etc. This museum was originally a fort, built by Maharaja Fateh Singh Ji during the 19th century. In the year 1968, it was transformed into a museum by the government.

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