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Omkareshwara Temple

Omkareshwar Temple in Coorg is one of the most pious shrines particularly for Lord Shiva devotees and other tourists. The temple was put up by King Lingarajendra II in around 1820 and is a brilliant blend of Islamic and Gothic styles of architecture. The tranquility and the natural beauty of the place offer great peace and power to its visitors.

Locals here claim that the temple has a history behind which narrates that, Lingarajendra II killed a Brahmin for his political goals. Further, in order to appease Brahmin’s soul, he constructed this holy shrine.  The Brahmin later became a Brahmarakshasa and kept troubling the king until he put up a Shiva linga in the temple. Hence, the Shiva linga is now named as Omkareshawar.

Getting inside the temple, the history of the temple is imprinted on a copper plate which is settled on the door of temple. Moreover, similar to that of in a Muslim Dargah, the Shiva linga is put up close to the entrance. There is also a pond with several fishes in it adding scenic beauty to the place. Come and pay a visit to the temple and rebuild your faith in almighty.