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Holy Places in Cuttack

Cuttack one of the oldest cities in Orissa and is better known as the business capital of the state. It offers some of the best silver filigree works, silver and cotton textiles, leather work, horn and brass work. Cuttack is flanked by rivers Mahanadi in then North and Kathajodi in the South. Those who are fascinated by the history of the place are drawn to places like the Barabati Fort. Cuttack is a place that is historically significant. This place got a prominent place in history because of the invasion of Ashoka, the mass slaughter and the moral consciousness of him. Rulers from the Kahravellas , the Satavahanas, the muradas, the Durjayas, Gangas, Mukundadeva, Afgans, Mughals,Marathas and at last the British ruled the Holy Places in Cuttack.

There are a large number of historical, religious and Holy Places in Cuttack. Every year a lot of tourists from each and every corner of the globe and from all over India visit Cuttack Holy Places. Each of Cuttack Holy Places is a masterpiece and a must watch. The structure of the temples and other holy places portray the rare skill of the artisans and the hard labor that has gone behind them.

Holy Places in Cuttack, India include Quadam-I-Rasool Shrine that is revered equally by the Hindus and the Muslims. The shrine has a well planned out structure and has the footprints of Prophet Muhammad imprinted on a piece of stone. There is also the Paramhansnath Temple which is famous for 'Ananta Garva' or the water hole. This is the temple of lord Shiva. Singanatha temple is one of the earliest temples of Orissa and has some of the rare works of art. You can also visit the Sri Radhagobinba Jew Temple while looking for Holy Places in Cuttack, Orissa.

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