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Monuments in Cuttack

One of the oldest cities in Orissa, Cuttack is best described as the business capital of the state of Orissa. It gives you some of the best silver filigree works, leather work, silver and cotton textiles and horn and brass work. Cuttack is flanked by Mahanadi in the North and Kathajodi in the South. People are drawn to places like the Barabati Fort. Cuttack is a place that is historically significant because of the invasion of Ashoka , the mass slaughter and his realization of the truth. Rulers from the Kahravellas , the Satavahanas, the muradas, the Durjayas, Gangas, Mukundadeva, Afgans, Mughals,Marathas and at last the British ruled the region and contributed significantly to the development of the place.

Tourist Attractions in Cuttack primarily feature the Monuments in Cuttack. The Monuments in Cuttack, India holds a special place both for their beauty and their historical importance. The most interesting thing about Monuments of Cuttack is that all of them have a rich story to tell to the visitors. Cuttack Monuments also bear evidences to justify the stories and their foundation.

Among the common Monuments in Cuttack mention must be made of the ruined fortresses of Agrahat, Chaudhar, Chhatisa, Govind Jew, Jai, Bhairav among others. There is also the ruins of the temples and images of the Buddhists at Bandareswar, the Bhubaneshwar Mahadev Temple; hills having various valuable images, inscriptions sculptures and inscriptions of the Buddhist age, ancient monuments in the Bara bati Fortress and the remains of the arched gateway and the nine mahals, Chunagarh fort locally called Dandhapatna Sarangarh, four colossal images of Chamunda, Indrani, Varahi and Indrani are major attractions; Chandeshwar Pillar, Simhanathna Mahadeva temple, pancha Pandava Temple, Durga Temple, Mahimamani Temple and the ancient sites of Chowdar are among some of the monuments that are a must watch in Cuttack.

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