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Forts and Monuments in Daman and Diu

Daman, being the former Portuguese colony, is a stunning port town and an ideal getaway from the everyday routine of the city life. The place is bestowed with architectural magnificence and that is clearly reflected through the very peculiar attributes of the monuments that includes moss-grown ramparts, extending to the slippery moat. Thus, the monuments in Daman form a very important part of the tourist attraction. On the other hand, the forts in Daman are also the exemplary replica of endurance and the majestic power. Moti Daman (Bigger Daman), Lighthouse, etc., are worth visiting to experience the colonial charm.

The monuments and forts of Diu play a substantial role in making the place highly appealing. The Fort of Diu is a very popular attraction as it is an imposing structure, situated on the island coast. A lighthouse is an important feature of this fort. Apart from this, Fortim-do-Mar or Fortress of Panikotha is worth visiting. The architecture excellence is exhibited by its splendid structure and fact of being built out of stone. The fort also includes a small chapel devoted to Our Lady of the Sea and a lighthouse. Therefore, excursion to the forts and monuments of Diu is a perfect getaway.

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