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Religious Places in Daman and Diu

Holy places in Daman have the history of almost 2000 years. As the town is located in the Surat district of Rajasthan there is a vibrant and rich cultural heritage is witnessed. The lively music and colorful dance are important attributes of the natives here. Thus, on your visit you can find the potpourri of various lifestyles like urban, tribal, European, and Indian. At the holy places, one can witness the excellent work of artisans in the forms of intricate carvings and stones on the walls and ceilings. Motifs are also used that reflect the Portuguese influence in the past. The holy places in Daman ensure tranquility and rejuvenation of mind and soul.

The holy places in Diu are a clear representation of great architectural grandeurs. During the Portuguese invasion, there were many cathedrals and churches built that are considered exemplary of unique architectural style. The list of the holy sites includes St. Paul’s church, St Francis of Assisi, etc. The architectural beauty of these churches in reflected through the intricate carvings and motive work done. The old St. Thomas Church, now transformed into a museum, is also worth visiting as one could view antique statues, wooden carvings, various stone inscriptions and idols.

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