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Tourist Attractions in Daman

Daman tourism promises you a refreshing holiday. It is a destination favored by all and visited all through the year. Tranquil sunbathed beaches, impregnable forts, churches, and a rich local heritage and culture - tourist attractions in Daman are myriad and diverse. One of the major tourist attractions in Daman is Devka Beach which has an amusement park with several colorful fountains and is a place to frolic around.

History of Daman

The history of Daman dates back some 2,000 years. It even mentions in the Mahabharata that the Pandava brothers spent a few days here during their fourteen years of exile. Daman attractions also include visiting this auspicious place. Owing to its matchless beauty, Daman was often gifted to winning kings and princes.

The other Daman tourist attractions include the massive forts dating back to the 16th century. Many Portuguese gentries used to reside within the confines of the Fort with their families. Nani Daman has an ancient church, a fort, and a fishing dock. The lighthouse offers that magical charm to its lovely beach.

Other famous tourist attraction in Daman is the Damanganga Tourist Complex, an artificially built complex self-contained with Cafeteria, Cottages, Conference Hall, and Health Club to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul with its beauty, facilities, and size. Among the tourist attractions in Daman, the Diu Fort acquires a prominent position. Skirted by the sea on three sides, the impressive structure dominates the townscape and offers a superb sea view. In addition, the recently developed Hilsa Aquarium displays a good collection of exotic and colorful fish, which signifies a major tourist attraction in Daman.

Jampore Beach is a serene beach and an ideal place to listen to the whisper of the palm trees and laze around. Daman attractions also include the serene palm-fringed beaches where travelers laze around and play with the emerald waters of the sea. For more fun, Nagoa Beach gives you enough opportunity to swim and indulge in exciting water sports.

The famous Daman attraction for all tourists is the Church of Bom Jesus, which was constructed by the Portuguese in the 17th century and is renowned for its striking rosewood carvings.

The Somanath Mahadev Temple is a significant place of worship in Daman. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the temple is located in the Dabhel village. It is believed that the Shivalinga originated at its present place at the request of a monk who was a true devotee of Shiva. Undoubtedly this auspicious place is a major tourist attraction in Daman. The 1000-foot-high hill resort of Saputara near Daman is relatively well-known. The name signifies the Abode of Serpents, and one can see a divine serpent image on the banks of the river Sarpaganga. If you want to take a trip to Mahal Bardipara Forest Wildlife Sanctuary (60 km) and the Gira Waterfalls (52 km), Saputara is a well-liked base.


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